... in una piazzetta di Cervo (Im)

In Cervo (near Imperia), 1994

A December evening of 1987 (it was the 22nd), after many hesitations, crossed phone calls and delayed meetings, a group of friends meets in Savona. What at once puzzled them was that the number of people was right, but the attendees weren't the same who had agreed to come. Everyone took with himself the will of "making music" for himself and the others: a true commitment.

I showed my friends the project of setting up a polyphonic choir - something new compared to the existing way of making choral music in our town (usually 17C polyphony or folk songs). I proposed searching, in music bookstores and libraries, and then playing in concert, sacred and saecular choral music by great composers, from the Romantic period up to contemporary music. The aim was to break the obvious "silence" on these little-played choral compositions.
From this preface it is understood why our choir is dedicated to Anton Bruckner (1824-1896), Austrian composer and a major character of late Romantic music, who devoted a non-negligible part of his work to choral music.
Then came the first concerts in town, the performances requested by the Confraternite of Savona to celebrate their solemnities and by various cultural associations; and trips in our province, then our region and nearby ones. Among the first supporters, back since the (nearly "secret") zeroth concert in the Oratory of N.S. di Castello, is our friend Mauro Castellano, pianist and composer (that we wish to thank for dedicating us two works and for his many piano perfromances with the choir). Of many talented artists that have cooperated with us, we like to remember baritone Claudio Ottino (who sang with Luciano Pavarotti at Teatro Regio di Torino in the centennial Boheme by Puccini).

duomo bruckner.jpg (386650 byte)  

In Duomo di Savona,1995

The Bruckner choir has always ventured towards culture and not just plain choral music. Let's further remember a show for the Italian Cancer League at Teatro Chiabrera, Savona, where actors, classic and jazz players performed with the choir in 1990; celebrations for Bruckner's death centennial in 1996; the chamber concert cycles at Teatro Chiabrera in 1993 and 1994; and the Tribute to Brahms (a pure Brahms music concert) in 1997 at the Ridotto, Teatro Chiabrera; the two Mozart's "Missa brevis" (K140 and K275) and Litaniae Lauretanae (K109) with strings orchestra in 1998 and 1999. Of many festivals we took part into we recall the 11th Imperia Festival, (1991), the Break Concerti in Cervo (1994), the 9th Savona Musical Easter (1990), Teatro Albatros of Genoa for the Circolo Mario Cappello(1991), the Tribute to Giuseppe Pescetto (Savona, 1992). Then we have participations in a lot of choral meetings such as Convegno Ligure delle Corali (Camogli, Genova) and Corescant Ceciliano (Valleggia, Savona); the third place at the Amateur Choir Contest in Torre Pellice (Torino) in 1994. And let's not forget the yearly Christmas concerts in diverse places, and many others. In all, almost a hundred performances to this day. We can't number our feelings and emotions, the stories and accidents before or during important concerts - like in Turin, when due to heavy road traffic the tenor soloist got there just in time for the beginning (... panic, because for obvious economic issues we had forecast no substitute); or a sore throat that affected half of the choir a few days before a  performance.

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In Rehabilitation Institute of Montescano near Pavia,1999

A typical trait we have been getting aware of is our courage to dare more and more new musical enterprises, knowingly and willingly facing new difficulties. It's in these situations that the choir "compacts" itself and acts as a whole, like a single instrument. There is full freedom in our choir, and each singer is committed by his own musical conscience to fulfil all our projects.
The Anton Bruckner Polyphonic Choir is for music and in music - this is our only goal and all those who understand this call are invited to live this exciting experience. Our success and recognition are the result of each singer's engagement and of the liberal friendship of many musicians who have given support, making music with us. Last but not least, a heartly thank to all who have believed in our projects making their realization possible and to all those who have listened, appreciated and helped with suggestions in all these years.

In Sori near Portofino, 1999

In Savona, 2001

In Finale Ligure near Savona, 2002